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The Royal Eagles were started by Steve Samuels (Director) one of many efforts on his part to involve as many neighborhood kids as possible. 


Steve Samuels help plant the seeds for Drum and Bugle Corps in the Washington DC area. Steve’s involving so many kids in the activity led too much of the available resources of talent in the city. Currently there is no recorded music. 

Royal Eagles

Written by  Steve Samuels (Director)

Excellence is not to do or die;
If we don’t succeed we must find out why;
Some people become obsessed with being first,
If they can’t accomplish, they rave and curse;
A true winner who ends up even third,
Takes time to analyze why it occurred;
Our goal is not to simply reign,
But to be able to prove to ourselves through constructive gain;
To finish the course no matter how long the race,
We must run at a steady and even pace,
With no procrastination, there will be no waste,
We will perform each task with will and grace;
Some orate surely for others captivation,
But true glory comes when your actions cause motivation;

“I am somebody”

yes we each have worth, 
Which was bestowed upon us at our birth;
Let us all unite in the effort to excel,
Combining our talents we cannot fail,
Separation and degradation no longer can prevail,
Only wisdom and goodness and the pursuit to excel;
“I am somebody”

I will reach my goal,

with work and faith
And self control, a new world of

accomplishments with my
Talents, I will mold;
There is time still unused, and space unoccupied,

I know I can
Fill this vacuum.


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